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Carinthia is also known as the sunny South of Austria. There are so many hours of sunshine here in both summer and winter that you soon know where it got its name from. Due to the mountainous landscape, there are numerous nice ski areas in the winter and beautiful hiking and cycling routes in the summer. Austria's highest mountain, the Grossglockner, can also be found here. With its 3,798 meters, the Grossglockner is the highest mountain peak in Carinthia. 

Due to the impressive landscape with high mountain peaks and valleys, there are no less than 200 lakes where you can swim. The Faakersee is the first lake from your apartment where you can practice various water sports. The water is pleasant and of very good quality. 

Below you will find some of the nicest sights within a relatively short distance of your apartment.

Villach center


With over 60,000 inhabitants, Villach is the second largest city in Carinthia.  From Erlendorf you can reach Villach within 10 minutes by car. In addition, there is a direct train connection and there are good cycling and hiking trails to discover Villach in a sporty way. 

The historic center contains many sights and a wide range of shops, bistros and restaurants. 



If you're looking for outdoor activities during your stay in Erlendorf, the Dreiländereck area is just a 10-minute drive away. Here, Austria, Italy and Slovenia border each other, making it a great destination for hiking enthusiasts. The area offers fantastic views, lakes, and forests, making it a true treat for hikers.

There are many hiking trails available, both guided and self-guided, varying in length and difficulty, so you can easily determine the suitable route for you and your fellow hikers. In addition to hiking, the area also offers beautiful ski slopes during the winter season, with over 17 kilometers of pistes that are suitable for both children and novice skiers.

Nature Park Dobratsch


Located just 12 km away, the Dobratsch Nature Park offers a stunning natural environment to explore. Established in 2002, it was Carinthia's first nature park. The Dobratsch mountain, which stands at 2166 meters, is the main source of drinking water for the city of Villach. In order to preserve this vital resource, a group of nature lovers lobbied for the mountain to be protected, leading to the establishment of the nature park.

Covering an area of over 7,270 hectares, the Dobratsch Nature Park is home to a diverse range of animals and plants, with a mixture of typical Alpine and Mediterranean species. The park boasts over 125 species of birds, 1,400 species of butterflies, lizards, bears, scorpions, and chamois, as well as over 800 different plant species. The park has an extensive network of hiking trails, with themed walks and learning paths that give a good impression of the flora and fauna in the area.


The Villacher Alpenstrasse, which starts from the Villach-Möltschach district, runs for 16.5 km through the Dobratsch Nature Park. The route takes you along a winding road with 11 parking places and several viewpoints, providing ample opportunities for scenic stops. Several (themed) hikes are also possible, including the 90-minute hike to the top of the Dobratsch (from car park 11).

For more information on the Dobratsch Nature Park, visit their website at or contact them at +43 4242 205 6018 or



Carinthia is known for its many lakes. A 20-minute drive away, you will find the Wörthersee near the tourist village of Velden. Lake Wörthersee or Vrbsko jezero is Carinthia's largest lake, with an area of 19.39 km². It lies at an altitude of 439 metres, between Villach and Klagenfurt. The maximum depth of the lake is 85.2 metres. Islets, peninsulas and shallows divide the water mass into three basins.

Carinthian lakes

The lakes start less than 15 km away.

Indoor shopping center Atrio


Looking for more shopping options after exploring Villach city centre? Look no further than the indoor shopping centre Atrio, conveniently located just 10 minutes away from Erlendorf. With plenty of free parking available and a variety of stores from popular retail chains to a large Inter-Spar, Atrio is the perfect place for all your shopping needs. And with daily hours until 7:30 pm (closed on Sundays), you'll have plenty of time to browse and buy.

The ruin Landskron


On the outskirts of Villach you will find the ruins of Landskron Castle. It is located on top of a mountain and gives you a nice view of Villach. Bird shows with eagles, owls and other birds of prey are held in the ruin from May to September. Immediately next to the ruin is another small zoo with monkeys, the Affenberg Landskron. There are still a number of not too difficult hiking trails around the Landskron ruin. In short, great for a visit, also with children.

Lago di Fusine


One of the most beautiful lakes in northern Italy, a 20-minute drive from Erlendorf. Enchanting green, blue water, mountains in the background. Accessible by car as well as walking and cycling. It is possible to walk around the lake. Several mountain walks also start from this point. At the water's edge there is a small eating and drinking place.

Leather market Tarvisio


The town of Tarvisio, a good 20 km drive in the north of Italy, is known for its large leather market. But the other shops and terraces are also definitely worth a visit. 

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